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Change for Linux !


You are a Microsoft Windows user, aren't you ? This is your operating system. But you can change it, or use several ones. Then you computer will work in a different way, you will see why and how Linux will simplify your life...

Convinced in one minute !

If you are still under Windows, it's probably because you don't know Linux well. Indeed, here are 4 great reasons to change for Linux, which should convince you quickly :


Linux is so safe that it's almost 100% virus-free ! Then you do not need any antivirus to browse the web. You are protected from spyware, trojans, ... That is the reason why almost all the servers use Linux.


Are you fed up with paying for software and ringing premium rate 'hotlines' ? Under Linux, you have access to equivalent or better software, FREE. Updates are free too. Got a problem ? A forum is there to help you, gratis.


You will forget what it is like to reboot a computer. Under Linux, software are quickly bugs-free. Applications crash  much less and there is no  slow down of you computer.


 Contrary to what you may think, Linux is often easier than Windows. Installations are done in one click, updates automatically. You can install Linux in 20 minutes without losing your Windows partition, and thus try it safe. You can even try it from a CD without changing anything on your computer ! But beware ! once you have tried Linux, you quickly get addicted.

Interesting, isn't it ? And that's just a start. You can now chose one of the 4 great reasons to change for Linux to know more. If you have prejudices against Linux, about games, peripheral recognition, ..., then go to the "Frequently Noticed Prejudiced" section...